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Latest News!

Cacophonic Choir is nominated for New Technological Art Award (NTAA) 2022.

Stay tuned for the exhibition in Ghent, Belgium, opening February 5.

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Short Bio

Dr. Şölen Kıratlı is an artist, architect, researcher, and educator. Currently, she is an adjunct professor at the Visual Arts Department, University of California San Diego. She holds a PhD degree in Media Arts and Technology (University of California, Santa Barbara), and an M.Arch degree (University of Southern California). Her work deals with issues of agency and digital technology, and has been exhibited internationally at venues such as SIGGRAPH & SIGGRAPH Asia Art Gallery, International Symposium for Electronic Arts (ISEA), CURRENTS New Media, Contemporary Istanbul, IEEE VIS Art Program, and NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression), amongst many others. She is the recipient of several awards from renowned institutions, including SIGGRAPH (“Best in Show”award, 2020) and Fundación Telefónica (VIDA 13.0, Artistic Production Incentives)...

Get in Touch

Interested in learning more about my work or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Reach out today.

I currently reside in Los Angeles, California

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